Lily MedTech’s Ring Echo System: An Ultrasound Imaging Device for Breast Cancer

Lily MedTech’s Ring Echo system is an innovative diagnostic imaging system for detecting breast cancer using a ring-type ultrasonic transducer, developed from ultrasound imaging technology from Faculty of Medicine and School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo. Clinical tests are currently being conducted at the Tsukuba International Breast Clinic (November 2016 - present) and at the University of Tokyo Hospital (December 2016 - present).

Benefits of the Ring Echo System

The Ring Echo system was developed with The Ring Echo system is developed with the aim to overcome common issues with current breast cancer screening: the examinee places her breast into a hole in the bed, where it is scanned by the ultrasonic transducer without the pain or risks of other examination techniques.

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  • This examination can be taken by all women with ease and comfort.
    • Women with dense breasts can be examined and diagnosed with the same ease as any other examinee.
    • There is no radiation exposure.
  • Easily reproducible 3D images of the entire breast can be taken, regardless of the examiner’s skill.
  • Automatic diagnosis support technology reduces the need for time consuming image analysis.
  • Both examinee and medical institutions benefit from lower costs.

Using the Ring Echo System

When the patient lies down on the bed and puts her breast into the hole, the ultrasonic transducer moves up and down, taking a full 3D scan of the patient’s breast. Since the transducer never touches the body, the patient feels no pain. In addition, because the scanned image is taken with the breast suspended inside the Ring Echo device, without requiring any special positioning, highly reproducible imaging is possible.